Peach Pivalate

CAS: 68039-44-1

solvent photo solvent photo solvent photo

Solubility Theory

Hansen Solubility Parameters ?
D: 16.46   P: 2.06   H: 2.60  

EHS Information

SDS Link
Hazard Overview: Acute toxicity, oral (Category 5), Skin corrosion/irritation (Category 2), Serious eye damage/eye irritation (Category 2A), Hazardous to the aquatic environment, acute hazard (Category 2), Hazardous to the aquatic environment, long-term hazard (Category 2)
NFPA Health Rating: 2
NFPA Flame Rating: 1
Compatible Glove Type: Unknown

Physical Properties

Melting Point: N/AVapor Pressure: 0.001 mmHg at 20 C
Boiling Point: 300 °CRefractive Index: 1.482
Flash Point: 127 °CRelative Evaporation Rate (RER) ? : 0.2
MWt: 234.34 g/molWater Solubility: N/A
MVol ? : 234.34Viscosity: N/A
Density: 1 g/LFormula: C15H22O2
Other Names: Pivacyclene

Cost and Manufacturers
(*prices are estimated)
Average Lab Cost: $0.21/g
Average Bulk Cost: $78.02/lb.
Lab Size
Vigon Internationa  5000g  $1070.00
Vigon Internationa 25000g  $4300.00