Welcome to the Database of Safer Solvents!

DOSS is a collection of “safer” solvents to help facilitate the replacement of highly hazardous solvents by making it easier to analyze a solvent’s EHS information, solubility parameters, physical properties, and cost. This database is currently integrated with the Hansen Solubility Parameters, but we hope to integrate more solubility theories in the future. For more information about the criteria for what makes a solvent “safer” and how the data is collected, please read the About page.

The Database is an overview of all the solvents collected and their corresponding data. The Optimization Guide allows you to search for solvents with specific properties based on the gathered EHS, solubility, physical properties, and cost information. To learn more about how to use the Optimization Guide for solvent replacement go to the Resources page.

For a fun way to explore the database, hit the I’m Feeling Lucky button to open a random solvent page!

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