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EHS Information
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General EHS
NFPA Health Hazard Rating:
NFPA Fire Hazard Rating:
GHS Flammability Limit:
Oral Exposure
GHS Oral Acute Toxicity Limit:
Dermal Exposure
GHS Dermal Acute Toxicity Limit:
GHS Skin Corrosion/Irritation Limit:
GHS Target Organ-Single-Skin Limit:
Occular Exposure
GHS Eye Damage/Irritation Limit:
Inhalation Exposure
GHS Inhalation Acute Toxicity Limit:
GHS Target Organ-Single-Respiratory Limit:
GHS Aspiration Toxicity Limit:
Aquatic Toxicity
GHS Acute Aquatic Toxicity Limit:
GHS Chronic Aquatic toxicity Limit:
Solubility Theory
D:  between 
P:  between 
H:  between 
Physical Properties
Molecular Weight (g/mol):
Molar Volume (ml/mol):
Melting Point Limit (°C):
Boiling Point Limit (°C):
Viscosity Limit (cp)
Flash Point Limit (°C):
Density:  between 
Refractive Index:  between 
RER:  between 

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